Prosecute them under the anti-terror laws

PM says Waihopai spy base attack ‘senseless’ – 30 Apr 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Some fools decided to attack Waihopai and deflate the dome structure of one of the satellite dishes.

I’m pretty sure that comes under the definition of terrorism using violence or destruction of property for political means.

Also Keith Locke is dreaming by suggesting that the Greens “would be calling for a public debate and information on the cost and the purpose of the Waihopai base if it was part of the next government”. A position increasing looking like being unnecessary as it is likely that The Greens will either be tumbled out of parliament all together or in opposition for the forseeable future.

They really have only themselves to blame by being the proverbial whore to Labour’s john and achieving precisely nothing despite nine years of propping up the most corrupt and venal government since Muldoon.

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