Shame Games

The shame game Olympics begins – New Zealand’s source for technology news on

Amnesty International withdrew this poster, why I can’t imagine it is very powerful. The on Stuff from the Sydney Morning Herald shows how the internet is a force to be reckoned with.

Activism has stepped up in New Zealand too yesterday DPF published a sequence of images to mock the Chinese and how the Beijing logo was created, it won’t be long before hi blog is banned in China like mine.

There are Facebook groups, plenty of You tube videos, widgets, podcasts and blogs all running with a theme to embarrass he Chinese into aat the very least acknowledging their poor human rights record.

Unfortunately the images, video and discourse will largely fall on deaf ears as the Chinese ban most of those sites through their Great Firewall of China. Still we must continue the fight against their oppression and assault on human right including those of free speech.

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