So this is their strategy?

TV3 > News > Entertainment News > Story > Full anti-John Key song at Labour congress

I so hope that Labour continues down this path for their strategy, it’ll go down like a cup of cold sick with the electorate. I wonder if ayone else thought it somewhat demeaning for 3 cabinet ministers to be singing, out of key on the stage, a song that trys to mock the leader of the opposition. Quite funny actually watching them with the zealous sparkle in their eyes and listening to the lickspittle, fawning crowd clapping along.

TV3 > News > Political News > Story > Cullen closes Labour rally with attack on Key

Yep looks like that is the strategy, brilliant. Keep it up fools, you didn’t learn the last time. The Smiling Assassin will simply take you all out as you sit there snarling and smearing.