State control of the media is on the way

Media resist being dictated to – 10 Apr 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

People scoff when folk say that the Clarkists want control of everything yet the evidence mounts to suggest that those who point this out are increasingly being proved right.

We have the Electoral Finance Act to curb people spending their own money campaigning whilst Parliamentarians and the government can spend willy-nilly taxpayers money to re-elect themselves.

Now we have draconian proposals to control the media in the Public Health Bill that would prevent them reporting suicides and food and alcohol issues. Tim Pankhurst from the Dominion Post had this to say about the proposals;

“It could include the reporting of suicide, the issue of healthy foods, fatty foods, different lifestyles, alcohol and so on.”

“We are told this is not the intent of the bill and there is nothing for us to worry about. We don’t doubt your goodwill, but we have no idea of the intentions of those who would follow you. Good law is law that is clear in its intent and, as we are seeing with the Electoral Finance Act, it becomes shambolic when the legalities are confused.”

Well there isn’t much more to say about that, of course the Clarkists will be telling us that there is nothing to worry about, they know what is best for us and then ram the law through with the support of a bunch of poodles.

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