Sue Brown says his neighbours

MP’s Indian neighbours hit back at ‘racist’ claims – 05 Apr 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Peter Brown, the stalking horse for Winston, has opened up a raw sore with his racist remarks about asians. It seems that New Zealand has grown tired of Winston First and their triennial tirade against immigration. None more so than Peter Brown’s own neighbours.

Fourteen-year-old Karamjit Singh lives in the same Tauranga street as New Zealand First MP Peter Brown.

But that’s about all he has in common with his neighbour.

The Otumoetai College student said he felt “put down” by Mr Brown’s comments this week about curbing Asian immigration.

He said Mr Brown’s belief that Asians were forming “mini-societies” and had no intention of integrating into New Zealand life was not true.

“We have European friends,” he said. “We don’t sit with Indian friends [at school]. To learn English, we have to have English friends.”

Karamjit’s sister Gurpreet Kaur is even more cutting about Peter Brown’s out of step remarks.

Karamjit and his 19-year-old sister, Gurpreet Kaur, whose family own the local Matua dairy, said they were offended.

“It’s against the law to be racist, so he should be sued,” Gurpreet said.

She said many Asians in New Zealand had a higher standard of living than other cultures, working hard to buy houses and be self-sufficient.

“We don’t run to MPs when we need food,” she said. “We work. Asians who come here work.”

She said Asians did jobs other New Zealanders would not do, including her father, who worked as a kiwifruit picker.

“The kiwifruit owners are a success today because of Asians.”

Peter Brown is a throw-back, the good news for all New Zealanders is that every day when you wake up and read the death notices you are reading the demise of Winston First.

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