The law won't work, but this will

Graffiti bill soon to come into lawA bill that outlaws tagging and bans spray can sales to youth in Manukau is expected to pass its final stages in Parliament this week, making the city the first area able to put new anti-tagging measures into practice.
The Manukau…
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This government bill to make graffiti illegal (it already is, wilful damage anyone?) and banning spray cans will not stop graffiti in South Auckland, mark my words.

Hitting taggers with $2000 fines won’t work either because they are broken arses without jobs so fining them is a crock.

However there is a solution to Manukau’s $1 million per annum problem, the solution is also available to ordinary Kiwi’s, shop owners and businesses sick of graffiti and unwanted loitering youths.

It is The Mosquito and it is here right now in New Zealand. It is between 75% and 99% effective at reducing graffiti and keeping loitering “yoof” away.

For those in Law Enforcement there is a portable unit. Reports from NSW Police indicate that clearing large drunken congregations of youth on beaches takes little more than 10 minutes with no aggrovation or hassles.