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The saner but ginger Espiner has given Labour a good serve over their “Do as I say not as I do” law breaking. As usual he doesn’t hold back on his blog.

Cullen talks of the good advice the commission has handed down to all parties, a timely warning about being careful to dot the i?s and cross the t?s, but the simple fact remains that Labour broke the law and it?s not going to be prosecuted. Again.

Any of this sound familiar? There are a couple of precedents. Such as, ooooh, off the top of my head, the $400,000 pledge card illegal expenditure, which the police decided was illegal but decided not to prosecute because it wasn?t in the public interest.

Then there?s the police decision not to prosecute Trevor Mallard for punching Tau Henare, not to prosecute the Prime Minister over the speeding motorcade, not to prosecute David Benson-Pope for bullying, and not to prosecute the Prime Minister over Paintergate.

Meanwhile, National MP Shane Adern gets prosecuted for driving a tractor up the steps of Parliament and Nick Smith for contempt of court.

The commission decided in its ruling to let Labour off with a warning and to refer any future breaches (most likely by other parties) to the police. That?s certainly very lucky for Labour, and the problem is the commission risks looking like a Government toady for not having a little more backbone.

Certainly National can be frustrated that once again, Labour appears to have got off scot free. ?Do as I say, not as I do? seems a fairly apt expression here.

That is the real story here, it still seems the best legal defence money can buy is a Labour Party membership, perhaps that is why Len Richards still remains un-charged despite video footage of him assaulting a protester.

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