Where did Hillary get her joke from?

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A friend of mine thought it strange that Hillary Clinton used Helen Clark for her joke of the week, so he contacted the Hillary Campaign H.Q. to find out where they got the joke from. He was very surprised with the reply he got.

One of Clintons Campaign staffers,( An intern) had cut & pasted this into a dossier on NZ, from a NZ website. They thought it amusing enough to keep.

Auckland Labour MP Judith Tizard, not known for her diplomacy, is credited with once saying that following a nuclear holocaust the only things left on the planet would be the cockroaches and Helen Clark.

So there you have it Hillary Clinton used a joke about Helen Clark, dreamed up by none other than Judith Tizard!!! Oucheee!

Judith may be the next roach crunched under foot.

UPDATE: Confirmation that it was indeed Tizard that initiated this little statement. Incidentally it was Danyl Mclauchlan in trying to prove a point against Wshart on Poneke’s post about Absolute Power that provided confirmation….don’t you hate it when lefties shoot off both their feet.

Here is the actual quote.

TOUGH? How tough is Helen Clark? Her long-time friend, Labour MP Judith Tizard, fairly bubbles with mirth. ?She?s so tough, I keep telling her that after the nuclear holocaust, the only thing left will be the cockroaches and Helen Clark.?

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