Whoopsy!, looks like Labour are screwed

Labour booklet may count on expenses – 04 Apr 2008 – Politics: New Zealand Political News, Analysis and Comment including 2008 election coverage – NZ Herald

The Electoral Commission has added more insult to injury over Labour’s desperate ploy to have taxpayer funded election advertising.

The Electoral Commission says Parliamentary-funded Labour booklets which have been declared to be election advertisements may have to count against the party’s expenses – contrary to the belief of Deputy Prime Minister Michael Cullen.

Labour will be desperately hoping that they can win the election so that they can have ome more retrospective legislation. Here is the view of the Commission, it is beautiful in its simplicity.

Electoral Commission spokesman Peter Northcote said unless a booklet such as We Are Making A Difference was being handed out by a Member of Parliament in their capacity as an MP, it would count towards election expenses.

“Just because something is funded by Parliamentary Services does not automatically mean that exemption applies,” Mr Northcote said.

Excuse me while I just ROTFLMAO. Labour have made a desperate bid, along with Winston First and the Greens to screw the scrum against the only party that raises its own funds. In doing so they have shown their ineptitude in law writing and their callous disregard for the laws they themselves pass along with proof of their willingness to raid the public purse whenevr they want.

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