Why am I not surprised

Schizophrenia linked to cats – Opinion: views on the news on Stuff.co.nz

It is no surprise that it has been found the schizophrenia is linked to cats. There is now a valid reason to rid the country of the moochers for ever.

The connection between toxo and schizophrenia has long been suspected because so many schizophrenics recall their family having a cat when they were babies. Several recent surveys have revealed stronger connections. A study of 1.2 million Swedes showed that early foetal infections increased psychoses and schizophrenia in teenagers by 50 per cent.

Hundreds of schizophrenic Danish teenagers were found to have more than their share of early toxo infections. Robert Yolken of Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore found that kids with early toxo infections were 16 times more likely to have psychotic disorders than those without.

That is way more people affected negatively by cats than by BZP. The government banned BZP so I expect them now to round up every last cat and put them down in the interests of public health. Come on Jim get cracking on urgent legislation.

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