Why Aucklanders don't do Public Transport II

Not PC: Why Aucklanders don’t use public transport

Peter Creswell at Not PC has blogged about Maxx the transport experts and their suggestion that he walk 4386m across Auckland.

Just out of interest I decided to input a regular weekend trip that the family partakes in that goes right across Auckland. Traveling from Howick to Henderson. By car on the weekend it takes some 35-40 minutes. I refuse to take the journey weekdays anytime after 3pm. Maxx has the solution for me, a solution that I would use like NEVER.

Maxx’s solution involves at best four walks over over 500 metres, two bus journey’s and a train journey taking 2hrs and 14 minutes. At worst it has do four walks, three buses and one train ride for 2 hrs 39 minutes. Now the fare is $13.40, so times that by 4 and we have $53.60. There is no way that that journey would cost that in petrol and the time saving is considerable at my hourly rate the differential is massive.

So there you have it, only complete morons would take public transport. The more sensible and cost conscious of us drive a car. Give us more roads, not more trains.!!