Why did the ministers go against OIO advice?

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Firstly the headline is mis-leading. National never said that they would sell the airport. They said as long as National considered AIA a strategic asset and as long as 51 per cent of it remained in New Zealand hands, if his party had received the same advice as the Government “then we would let it proceed”. They can’t actually sell it because it isn’t theirs to sell it is the shareholders, but of course the news media don’t want that as the message do they?

Next we find out that the ministers making the decision went against official advice. The ministers said it wasn’t in New Zealand’s interst and the OIO said the sale would have substantial and identifiable benefits to New Zealand and recommended the sale be approved.

So what is it, not beneficial to New Zealand as Cosgrove and Parker suggest or substantial and identifiable benefits as the OIO has said. Clealry theu weren’t that substantial nor that identifiable as the two ministers couldn’t seem to find them, that is if they even read the report.