Why is the Minister defensive?

Craig Foss MP: HBDHB : OIAs Minster defensive

Craig Foss is becoming less and less amused as Minister “Running the Show” Cunliffe still has not released information requested on the 28 February. Not only has he not released the documents called for and legally required to be presented he has called Craig Foss a liar despite the documents not having shown up and another week has gone by.

Craig Foss also reports on the article and comments in the HBDHBfrom the AG about the management of the HBDHB and they are far from being “exonerated” as they have claimed.

“All of the reviews, including our work in 2007, have found flaws with the way the DHB was managing procurement both at a system level and in relation to the particular contracts that have caused concern.”


“The DHB’s management clearly carries some responsibility for those problems.”

It is time for the Minister to come clean before he is embarrassed.

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