Why Labour are screwed – Reason #4583

We do not really need more reasons, but we have to ensure the lid is nailed down, screwed, glued encased in concrete and chucked into a deep trench far out to sea before this corrupt Government is well and truly dead.

For nine years this Labour Government has done bugger all about power generation.? Project Aqua was shelved (thank you Greenies) and generating capacity has not substantially increased except for a few windmills and a massive CO2 generator in the Hawkes Bay.? The Greenies have effectively knee capped any sustainable new generation plans.? The people of NZ have been subject to annual power increases way beyond inflation rates.

And now this winter we will all suffer thanks to the inaction of this incompetent Government.? The Hydro-dams are at an all time low and as well as the Cook Strait cable being past it?s use-by date it looks like we are in for a long cold winter with massive spikes in energy costs the consequence for businesses that are the economic lifeblood of NZ.? Yet for political reasons the Government wants to keep a lid on the looming power crisis and hope that the rain will come.? Labour know they have done nothing and they realise a power crisis in the months leading up to an election will take their polling down below 30%.


[quote]energy consultant Bryan Leyland said the risk of drought had been ignored for a month and the Government should be asking all consumers to save power. “It is crazy and it is being done for political reasons, not for practical ones.”

If there was no rain, the country faced the risk of power shortages such as it had in 1992. The power system would be in trouble if one big station failed.

“If we don’t get quite a lot of rain, we may face shortages and maybe blackouts,” he said.

A couple of days’ rain is forecast this week, but that is not expected to fill the lakes.

Wholesale power prices have been high for the past three months, in part because of the drought, and Mr Leyland expected big increases, perhaps as much as 20 per cent, for household customers in the next six to nine months.

It was almost inevitable that power companies would turn off hot water cylinders at times by “ripple control”, he said.[/quote]

I wonder if the media will ask Dear Leader about her comments a scant two months ago. I’m not holding my breath as this lying cow seems to get a free ride. In case they don’t WOBH will publish for you her wonderful words of wisdom about the looming power crisis.

[quote]Power industry veterans say winter will be tight but manageable and Prime Minister Helen Clark says she does not believe there is a looming “power crisis” and has blamed opposition MPs for sensationalising the issue.[/quote]