1999 all over again

Luxury lodging for state house staffHousing New Zealand Corporation’s decision to hold a conference at a luxury fishing lodge near Lake Taupo has been attacked as “disgraceful” by the National Opposition.
It says the conference shows HNZ is out of touch.
But the…
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Christine Rankin must be laughing into her cornflakes this morning as agovernment minister cops a flogging for justifying a conference at a luxury resort.

Labour have clearly forgotten that what goes around, comes around.

In 1999 they attacked Christine Rankin personally, endlessly and used her to justify their election plank of a “culture of waste and privilege”. Now as they suffer the last year of their third term exactly the same issues are biting them on the ass.

If Labour wants to know how it ends they should consult the play book for 1999, so far it is almost identical.