A culling we will go

The Hive has some sensible areas of government expenditure that should be culled. I view the list as a good start. Nevertheless National could make a flying start with the Hive Cull List.

[quote]Abolish the Ministry for Economic Development (keeping NZTE which would become a standalone department) saving – around $63 million

Government Expenditure to CullAbolish the Ministry for Environment (disaster zone. Anything important can be done by Treasury or MFAT) saving – around $43 million

Cancel the $165.2 million earmarked in this budget to strengthen New Zealand’s presence in the international community (until MFAT and NZTE have been reformed)

Freeze Arts and Culture expenditure at 2007/08 levels – saving $124.4 million

Freeze NZAID monies at 2007/08 levels pending review and reform of NZAID – saving around $100 million

Cancel plans for the New Zealand Fast Forward Fund and redesign saving $700 million

That is $1.2 billion and who will notice? Will there be any reduction in quality of delivery of core services such as education or health? Have other social services been cut?

We would like to say sell the railways but who would pay $1.5 billion for them?[/quote]