A packet of ciggy's building to a couple of blocks of cheese

Labour just hasn’t had a good week. This week should have been celebration for them but unfortunately th wheels have fallen off the trolley.

Their budget has been poorly received by almost every one but the loyal lickspittles blogging from the ninth floor.

Cigarette Budget, Colby Budget, Cheese budget, Big Mac Budget….oh what to call it?

Unfortunately the public has swtiched of and rather than a cheesy (boom, boom) title for the budget I thought I would label it what my good friend Adolf called it on the cellphone from the depths of Winston’s former homeland, the DOA Budget.

The carcass that is Labour is certain DOA, the budget is DOA and we wait now for the election so we can bury these graceless, mendacious, parsimonious pricks once and for all.

This budget doesn’t deliver tax cuts it delivers catch up for 9 years of parsimony.

Budget expectations

Budget expectations