Abolish Maori seats, Roundtable study urges

Abolish Maori seats, Roundtable study urgesMaori seats in Parliament should be abolished and the ethnically justified basis for them is “repugnant” and amount to “reverse discrimination” under MMP, according to Business Roundtable-sponsored research.
But the report has…
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Good show, with MMP the seats are no longer needed.

[quote]Professor Joseph said putting aside the seven Maori seats, the 15 other Maori representatives in Parliament put it a little under 2 per cent short of reflecting the 14 per cent national population.

However, with the Maori seats the current parliamentary representation equated to 22 per cent.

The research said that would be fine if the MPs were all elected under MMP; it wasn’t fair to “gift” seats to Maori based on ethnicity.[/quote]

Hard to argue with that. If proportionality is supposed to work for everyone else then why not for Maori, unless of course they hold some sort of special citizen status.