Apologies – A tale of two ideologies

Skippy at Nui DatI watched the apologies and came away shaking my head. Helen Clark’s apology was sparse, sanctimonious and didn’t actually use the word sorry. She didn’t even mention the country in which our gallant troops served. For her information it wasn’t Vietnam it was The Republic of Vietnam.

She again told a lie, she claims that her own party brought the troops home. This time she has lied to the New Zealand Parliament. It was Keith Holyoake, the National Prime Minister in 1971 that brought our combat troops home. He was bringing them home while Helen Clark was chucking paint, burning prams and spitting on our veterans. Norma Kirk’s government hadn’t even been elected. By the time Labour was the government less than 50 servicemen and all of them non-combat troops remained in Vietnam. She didn’t even mention the units that served.

She just had to make it political didn’t she. Her words were written to minimise the choking in her craw, she certainbly didn’t mean them.

John Key in stark contrast was humble, honest and non-partisan. He evem said “Sorry” as he looked pointedly at Helen Clark.

[quote]So, to the members of Victor and Whiskey Companies of the 1st Battalion, Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment; to 4 Troop New Zealand Special Air Service; to the members of the New Zealand joint services medical team; to 161 Battery Royal New Zealand Artillery Regiment; to the Royal New Zealand Engineers; and to those other New Zealand service personnel who served attached to units of the Australian and United States military, we finally say sorry.[/quote]

John Key acknowledged the service of these brave men and women and also acknowledged the apalling way they were treated, in fact it is still sharp in my memory how George Hawkins told the veterans in select committee that the maps they produced were fabrications.

John Key also mentioned the sterling work of Judith Collins who tirelessly battled on behalf of the veterans. I know personally how much time and effort that Judith has put in and from me I thank her too.