Beneficiaries worse off under Labour- Dyson

Ruth Dyson’s solo career is doomed after only two twitterings. She should have stuck to the bad singing quartet at least they got nationwide television coverage for three weeks straight.

Dear Leader would have spat her Hubbard’s all over Judith’s lap this morning on reading that one of her Ministers thinks that under Labour beneficiaries are worse off than after the 1991 benefit cuts.

This will make the client-bloggers at the Stranded fair spit and froth. I’m sure they are busy preparing graphs to prove otherwise. The problem with their contention though is that it was a Labour cabinet minister (shortlived, no doubt) that has confirmed this to be the case.

[quote]Under the government’s “making work pay” policies, Working for Families has helped the working poor, but done less to help beneficiaries living in poverty.

The report, titled Pockets of Significant Hardship and Poverty, reveals that many beneficiaries in South and West Auckland and the South Island are living in extreme poverty.

Beneficiaries were being hit by “significant price shocks” in food, housing, power and transport, said the June 2007 report by the Ministry of Social Development. It was released to the Sunday Star-Times under the Official Information Act.

The report shows the value of benefits, relative to average earnings, are now even lower than they were after National slashed benefits in 1991.[/quote]

Exactly what I have been saying, the poor are no better off under Labour and now we can see categorically that they are worse off. they still live in the same shitty houses, in the same shitty neighbourhoods with the same shitty neighbours doing the same shitty things that they were doing nine years ago. Except now food has doubled, petrol has tripled and interest rates have also doubled. The HP that they bought their shitty clapped out people mover with is eating them alive as interest rates rise and rise.

Of course the poor will still vote Labour, they are easily bribed or so catatonic from being beaten down by the caring benefaction of the Labour government they simply have ceased caring because they has lost hope totally and completely.

Even worse though their last paltry availble funds are about to be sucked from their threadbare pockets by a rapacious government imposing the Emission Trading Scheme to save a planet that they care nought for.

To be poor is to be like the wimp in prison being bent over the bunks everyday by whoever whats a go. Sucks to be poor but Labour isn’t ever going to help them.