Bob the Boolda to stand down

National MP Clarkson to step down (+audio)National MP “Bob the builder” Clarkson will not stand at the next election – changing his mind after only a few months ago saying he would stand.
Mr Clarkson headed off New Zealand First leader and incumbent Tauranga MP Winston…
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Bob Clarkson has announced that he will stand down to allow someone else to come through in Tauranga.

It is quite tasty the announcement for a number of reasons. Firstly Winston can never claim to have beaten bob to win the seat back and Bob can always claim he beat Winston from now until the sun goes down finally on Winston’s career.

Secondly it opens up the contest for national to select another young and ambitious local candidate who will become the MP for Tauranga for the foreseeable future.

Of course if Winston declares now he is standing in Taurange he will look like a coward because he wouldn’t face Bob in a contest.

One name that has been thrown in the hat is Crown Prosecutor Simon Bridges. His credentials are impeccable, lawyer, local and chucks people in prison. He also has many years ahead as a successful MP whilst Winston, should he ever stand has one maybe two terms left in him.