Breasel at it again

Brenden Sheehan knows no shame. Instead of apologising to New Zealand for using the death of his “relative” he is now seeking compensation to the remaining family of Fololobese Muliaga.

He says they need money for their education. Well so bloody what!

When will this corpse cuddling Svengali of the political landscape apologise for politicising the death of his “relative” especially now after overwhelming evidence presented at the coronor’s inquest showed that the only person to blame for Fololobese’s death was her and her inability to stop shoving food into her mouth.

For god’s sake she weighed 200kgs!!!, she had “no resusitate” orders on her (inother words medical staff knew she was screwed) and still Breasel calls for money.

Well fuck him and his immense “family”.