Brewer is out of control

Veteran media whore Cameron Brewer is at it again.

A friend of mine was having lunch on Nuffield St and couldn’t believe his eyes, the self appointed “Mayor of Newmarket” talking to his constituents in full mayoral robes and chains!

This man has an ego that know no bounds. This is an appalling stunt that causes extreme loss of dignity of the mayoral robes of all city Mayors.

Good god, after seeing The Ego Brewer featuring more than Porkchop on Porkchop’s mockumentary the other night I would have thought he would have had his fill of self-aggrandisement this week, but no, he just had to complete just one more stunt.

I am sure his ex-boss John Banks will be speaking to Brewer and enunciating just exactly how the general manager of a business association should behave lest he becomes th ex-general manager.