Clark has bad day in Christchurch

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First up the kids who are having the schooling in the container gave the DPS folk a scare as the doorstopped the PM. The children handed her a letter, saying in part: “We are the Year 7 and 8 students of Longbeach School and we are writing on behalf of the students to express our concern about our over-crowded school.” One of the school’s classrooms is a shipping container.

Clark of course said nothing, she should have been at the memorial service in Auckland and had her mind on stuffing both feet into her gob.

On page A5 of The Press “Clark lets slip news of shift” Clark delivers a shock to the workers of Designline.

The staff at company Designline (Ashburton) were unaware that the company is relocating but good ol’ Clark let it slip in an off the cuff talk. Board chairman said Clark was not supposed to say anything, however a spokesthing for Clark said Clark was not
aware she couldn’t discuss the company’s operations and regarded the visit as successful….

Rear-heh-heh-eally? You have to ask how do the 150 staff feel? More job losses in the south?

Just remember to sing along with jolly abandon to “You’re better of with Labour, way better”

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