Corpse Cuddler missing in action

He was all over the news when his “relative” Mrs Muliaga went home to die while her “boys” sang songs and played the guitar. Brenden Sheehan played the media like the bunch of easily manipulated puppets they are, glossing over the fact that Mrs Muliaga a) Arguably ate her self to an early grave, b)Didn’t like paying power bills, c) Brought up sons who can’t dial 111. Not only that he also roped in the Prime Minister so she could lay her “healing” hands upon the grieving bad debtors.

Being a veteran corpse cuddler like his leader I would have thought then that he would have the common courtesy to actually turn up for the memorial service of the seven killed in the canyoning disaster held today. Try as I might I just couldn’t see him there.

In fact ther wasn’t even one Labour MP, candidate or lickspittle in attendance, not one. ot Clark (probably because all seven were eeeeevil Christians), not Chris Carter the Education Minister and especially not Brenden Sheehan. In stark contrast two local MP’s were there, Pansy Wong and Judith Collins, the dynamic duo of the South East.

Oh and Brenden? Still waiting for you and the “boys” to visit, just make sure you let me know so I can turn the power off to make them feel at home, oh and can they bring guitars as well. Cheers