Cullen's speech almost a farewell

Paula Oliver: Cullen’s speech almost a farewellOne of the most noticeable aspects of Finance Minister Michael Cullen’s pre-Budget speech to the Canterbury Manufacturers Association at lunchtime today was the size of the audience.
Media arriving at the central Christchurch venue…
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The phone continues to stay off the hook for Labour and Cullen. Almost no-one turned up to listen to his ravings in his pre-Budget speech and when he delivered the speech Paula Oliver reckons it was a farewell speech.

He blahhhhed on about Labour’s legacy, how it had lifted
lots of children out of poverty, lifted wages for workers and presided
over economic growth.

Yes but we all know how he has squandered the good times. it bet if they ask those children who are grandly being lifted out of poverty if they think they have, as they sit on the same shitty steps, in the same shitty house, in the same shitty neighbourhood with the same shitty neighbours whether they feel like they have been lifted from poverty and I bet Cullen wouldn’t make it to the gate.

The wages they have lifted have been robbed stealthy by out of control inflation fueld by his profligate spending and as for presiding over economic growth just imagine how much greater that growth would have been had he cut taxes every year since 1999.

The phone isn’t off the hook, it’s been chucked in the corner.

Even Colin Espiner noted the “stench of impending political death” that reeks anywhere near Cullen or Clark. Colin reckons Cullen looks like he has given up the ghost, one can only hope he has.