EFA slaps Labour in the ass

The Electoral Finance Act is turning out to be a real bear for the government. They are the only ones getting pinged and their mates at the EPMU look like they have lost their voice through their fawning support of Labour’s draconian bill.

The latest laugh though is surely the most amusing. I have now heard through several sources and confirmed with my own eyes that Labour’s bosses are in a fluster over the EFA. So flustered in fact that they have ordered them down.

The only site that is up is the taxpayer funded www.labour.org.nz, that given current interpretations of the EFA will probably be deemed to be an election advertisement anyway despite the public paying for it.

www.younglabour.org.nz – down
www.rainbowlabour.org.nz – down
www.petehodgson.co.nz – down
www.fairbrother.org – down
www.labournorth.org.nz – down
www.martingallagher.co.nz – down
www.winnie.org.nz – down
www.brendonburns.co.nz – down
www.cunliffe.org.nz – down
www.stevechadwick.co.nz – down
www.okeroa.com – down
www.timbarnett.org.nz – down

Let me know in comments of any others.