Fat, Dumb, Lazy and Crims – Welcome to our underclass

Dumb, lazy and CrimsWe have an underclass, yes I know Phil Goff and Helen Clark don’t think we have but a Massey University academic has looked at government data and concluded we indeed do have an underclass and they are fat, dumb, lazy, crims and brown (ok not fat, but certainly dumb and lazy and crims)

Yep, he concludes that Pacific Islanders are over represented in the statisics his report states;

– Pacific Islanders’ poor education and low employment were creating an underclass and a drain on the economy

– Polynesian immigrants are less productive and less likely to contribute to economic growth.

– They had the highest unemployment in every age group, were less likely to start businesses and had lower rates of self-employment.

– Polynesians were also over-represented in crime statistics, had higher rates of convictions and prosecutions and were more likely to be victims of violent crime.

Of course in the “newspeak” we aren’t allowed to state the bleeding obvious even when the stats collected by Helen’s (I can’t say it’s our own can I?) government.

Dr Clydesdale has been subject to abuse and harrasment he rather cleverly describes the situation from those who whinge about the truth.

[quote]”The PC bullies are clamping on this debate so it stays at the level of simplicity and it’s doing exceptional harm to the New Zealand economy,” he said.

“As a result, the debate on this issue has reached the point of intellectual bankruptcy.”[/quote]

Intellectual bankruptcy…..brilliant. In order words, jam it pinko scum.