Fryer the Liar

A friend of mine was in the unfortunate position of having to talk to Glenda Fryer today while he was at work.

Was at work today, and Glenda Fryer walks in. I asked her how council was going and she said “not bad, given the dreadful circumstances”. I asked her what she thought of Aaron Bhatnagar and John Banks and she alleged that neither of them “were ever there”. To the contrary I rebutted this blatant lie by making it quite clear to her that Aaron Bhatnagar was one of the most energetic councillors who was committed to both the city and the ward – I also reminded her that Banksie has proved very popular with the people of Auckland, and that the election of John Lister in Avondale proves this.

She then tried to accuse Aaron of negligence in his representative role of the council to Watercare. I said I’d like to see proof this.

This is where it got interesting. She was accusing Aaron of taking no interest in the repairing of a drain in St Lukes!!!! (her ward!!!) which she said would cost “billions and billions of dollars”. She was clearly lying.

I told her that if all she cares about is a drain in her own ward, then she herself should do what she’s elected to do and organise its repair. I reminded her that Aaron’s ward was Hobson. I encouraged her, in light of her pathological lying about stormwater in Auckland, and personal insults on councillors doing a sterling job that she should resign!

Well done that man, cal the socialists to account at all times.