Greens should have gone with Maori – Tanczos

Greens should have gone with Maori – TanczosOutgoing Green MP Nandor Tanczos said last night he believes the Green Party made a mistake putting its support behind Labour in the 2005 election and would have been better off talking to the Maori Party as it was now.
Mr Tanczos…
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The Greens are turning feral. After years of being Madge Allsop to Labour’s Dame Edna they are getting puss-faced.

Nandor Tanzcos, perhaps the only Green I respect politically despite his silly hair, is finally getting up the gumption to talk some sense. He has suggested that the Greens made a mistake in sideding with Labour.

They did, but not for the reasons that Nador suggests. The problem with the Greens is that they aren’t really green. They were captured sometime ago by un-reconstituted marxists and maoists. The Green message is only really in their name. Now if the Greens were truly Green and adopted policies that weren’t based in a large part of hard socialism then they might get taken seriously.

Being truly Green doesn’t mean you have to act and look stupid either. Take Seeby Woodhouse for example, he is a capitalist, a technologist and he is Green, in fact he is probably more Green than most of the Greens caucus put together.

If the Greens focussed on Green issues and sat on teh cross benches instead of being toadies and lickspittles to Labour then they could grab 10% and together with the Maori Party be oart of every government for the forseeable.