Hang on Clark said there wouldn't be blackouts

Power firms warn of blackouts – New Zealand news on Stuff.co.nz

Helen Clark better be praying to the God she dosn’t believe in that power blackouts don’t occur, because that will be the final nail plus the pall bearers arriving to cart off the corpse of the Labour Party.

However the power line companies are not so sure that all will be ok as Clark has opined and assured us all.

Power lines companies are warning customers that electricity could be cut off “without warning”, for at least 30 minutes, as the industry gears up for the growing risk of blackouts.

Todd Energy chief executive Richard Tweedie said letters from Powerco and Unison lines companies were “the first and most definitive statement that we have got a very serious problem in terms of electricity supply this winter”.

Todd’s Bay of Plenty Electricity was told to pass the warning on to household customers and tell them to “stock up on candles”, he said.

Taranaki electricity lines company Powerco and Hawke’s Bay company Unison told power company retailers in a letter yesterday that: “The industry has been closely considering the likelihood of electricity supply shortfalls this year, particularly during winter.”

Gee, nine years of Clarkism and nothing being done.

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