Has Winston misled the House?

Winston Peters has shot off at the mouth with falsehoods and innuendo so many times he probably doesn’t even know he is telling porkies anymore.

Today after question time he tried to get an urgent debate on NZ Dairies Limted. He failed but in the process it looks like he may have lied to the House.
Here is the Press Release from NZDL.

[quote]NZDL Says no One Stood Down; No Internal Review

Press Release by New Zealand Dairies Limited at 6:40 pm, 28 May 2008

The Chief Executive of New Zealand Dairies Limited (NZDL), Aidan Johnstone, has categorically denied the claim that an employee(s) has been stood down pending an internal review.
NZDL was responding to a report of a claim made today in Parliament by New Zealand First leader Winston Peters.
“I can say quite categorically that no one has been stood down at NZDL in the last 24 hours, and there is no internal review relating to such a matter.
“The company is distressed that such a claim should be made.”

So has Winston misled parliament. From, where I am looking at it that may well be the case.