Hearld editorial lambasts Labour

The Herald article gets right into Labour this morning and outlines exactly what I have been saying about the their term playbook and how this year is deja vu all over again.

National had dinner with Kevin Roberts, Labour had Owenn Glenn.

Labour campaigned on expunging “a culture of golden handshakes, negotiated in secrecy and paying people for doing nothing”, yet they coughed $350,000 to the departing Transpower chief.

National had WINZ conferences and Labour has had Housing NZ conferences the amounts are similar.

The editorial also ridicules Helen Clark’s likening Maryan Street’s inept handling of the situation to that of raw backbencher Kate Wilkison’s little gaffe. Rightly the Herald points out that the two are not even remotely similar with Street having been politically active since the 1990’s and indeed she was even a President of Labour.

Labour are out of touch and will soon be out of government.