Hidden $200m adds to cost of Toll rail deal

Hidden $200m adds to cost of Toll rail dealTaxpayers face having to pay an extra $200 million as part of the Government’s buy-back of the national rail service.
The extra money – not publicised when the Government announced the deal last week – is a loan to former owner…
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Michael Cullen is a complete fool. When I was banking I used to take the chequebooks of folk as stupid as him.

The Toll boyo’s must still be partying after pulling a swifty over Cullen as they did. hey even managed to lift another $200 million sent straight to Toll Australia’s bank account.

John Key was right when he said the thick end of a billion was being used to buy Michael Cullen’s train set.

Worse still for the dunce of the class Clark has denied knowing about the $200 million extra. What sort of fricken chumps do we have in charge of the chequebooks? Sheesh is it any wonder the economy is tanking as bad as it is?

As Farrar says it isn’t everyday you get a finance minister as inept as Michael Cullen.

Now just sing along with me…..”You’re better of with Labour, way better”