How screwed are Labour?

How about this comment from leftist political science lecturer Jon Johansson,

[quote]”When you talk to people about Cullen there is real intensity and negativity. I think he is Labour’s biggest liability.”[/quote]

or how about Dr Claire Robinson, a political marketing specialist at Massey University who said,

[quote]”There’s not much Labour can do in this Budget to lift itself from the doldrums. It will take a miracle to shift those voters back to Labour, and Michael Cullen doesn’t believe it is his role to deliver miracles.”[/quote]

You know you are screwed when academia thinks you no matter how big a rabbit you oull out of your arse. You know you are further screwed when fellow travellers of the left like Laila Harre agree with National’s policy on the broadband plan.

Claire Robinson was asked for a comment on the budget and here is what she came up with,

[quote]Labour needs to limit John Key’s opportunities to attack this Budget. As soon as the Budget is delivered Michael Cullen needs to go to ground and the Prime Minister needs to front up and go on the counterattack. She needs to be visibly demonstrating that Clark the strong and caring leader, not Cullen the party-pooper bean-counter, is steering the ship.[/quote]

This week leading up to the budget has been disastrous for the government in a week that should have produced endless positive coverage. Instead we got Key’s slam dunk on MMP, speculation of a leadership challenge, negative coverage of the ETS and a poll from hell. Tomorrow will be worse when the budget fails to deliver.