Hurt goes on Government

Govt misery grows over emissions billLabour is trying to shore up support for the emissions trading scheme to ensure it can pass without becoming a bargaining chip in post-election coalition talks.
Yesterday the Maori Party added its voice to Green Party threats that…
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The hurt is going on the government as the Maori Party slams the Governements lack of committment to its much vaunted Emissions Trading Scheme.

[quote]”It’s looking as if we won’t. The Government can’t go round promising or telling people one thing and then backing down because it’s election year. You either genuinely believe this needs to happen and you’ve got a strategy to address the issues around climate change, or you haven’t.”[/quote]

Now don’t get me wrong I think the whole thing is a sham and based on lies and proven falsehoods in the science, but you do have to ask, when after days of slagging National about its committment to climate change (Whatever the fuck that means) it now has done not one but two u-turns on their policy.

Just how committed is the Government to Climate Change?

It seems that it quite prepared to chuck its principles in the cupboard in an election year and hope that noone notices. The only problem with that is that we do notice. The Greens and the Maori party have now shown that they do have principles and that now they must show through in the bigger picture. This governm,ent no longer warrants being supported, in particular by perennial bridesmaid The Greens.