I'm with Banksie

Speedy justice … until the Mayor catches upMotorists will have to be extra quick getting back to their cars if they want to avoid a ticket – some Auckland City parking wardens are now whizzing about on two-wheeled battery-powered scooters.
Segway “personal transporters”…
[Auckland News]

The following statement is perhaps one of the more ludicrous statements by a public official;

[quote]Council parking marketing manager Justine Martins said the Segways were one of several options being considered by department staff, who were “innovators and leaders in the field of parking services”.

“We are constantly looking at new ways in which we can increase our service to our customers as well as improve our business performance and efficiency.”[/quote]

Excuse me, but I think most Aucklanders would think that the ONLY way Parking Services could improve service to customers would be to disband. The real reason for proposing this silly idea is to improve the rate at which these pricks issue tickets.

Banksie has it right;

[quote]”It’s a silly idea for parking wardens to be using these when they need to be out and about in a user-friendly way enforcing street parking with a bit of grace and dignity,”

“I would be horrified if a very nice elderly woman was knocked down and her hips and legs broken by one of these contraptions by presumably a lazy parking-meter warden racing around in a circle on this.”[/quote]

See the Mayor uses the correct words not weasel words. Banksie points out rather clearly that “Parking Services” is all about enforcement and not much else. Banksie and my good friend Aaron Bhatnagar and the other sensible councillors of Citizens and Ratepayers should look into enforcing a no-weasel words policy at all levels of council.

The other truly ridiculous statement is the one about helping the environment…oh right we help the environment by getting the previously walking Parking Warden to now use a vehicle made from plastic and powered by presumably nasty chemical batteries and cart that round in a car to the far flung reaches of the city increasing the weight and reducing the efficiency of the tiny litle cars they already use…..riiiiight, tell me again how this saves the freaking planet?