Judith's ANZAC story number 3

Let’s recap before I get into the latest kerfuffle from ANZAC day for the soon to be erstwhile MP for Auckland Central.

First up she picks a fight with Aaron Bhatnagar about where she actually lost her virginity to Mat Rata. Apparently she is mortified that is was suggested that it was the back seat of his car. There was no denying that it was Mat Rata, but we are just a bit short on a qualification on where exactly this momentous occasion happened.

Secondly she accosted a 16 year old school boy of jewish extraction and called him a “Nazi Stormtrooper”. If that was despicable enough, remember that this was ANZAC Day at the civil service in sight of the Cenotaph commemorating those who fell fighting the Nazi’s. Doubly disrespectful.

Which brings us up to date and now I can tell you some more about the disgusting behaviour of this government minister.

After last years appalling display the folk in charge of the Civic Service actually didn’t want Judith turning up so they didn’t invite her…really they didn’t invite her. When Judith found out she organised some toady to ring and beg, and beg was the word that was used, beg to be included in the ceremony, but not content with a little groveling actually laid down a demand that she be seated next to ex-Peacenik Phil Goff (the last time he went near the cenotaph he was hanging a NVA flag on it).

The organisers relented and hastily added her to the guest list but didn’t accede to her demands to be sat next to Phil.

To make matters worse after the ceremony and after the two incidents about she was then introduced to her opponent in Auckland Central, Nikki Kaye. Judith Tizard didn’t even have the common courtesy to shake her hand and went whining on about Aaron Bhatnagar.

Now before anyone calls bullshit I have at least three witnesses to all of these events should any editor get up the gumption to print these descriptions of someone who is perhaps the most foul of people to grace the planet.

Let me tell you the organisers won’t be inviting her next year even if she pays to come.