Key Derangement Syndrome spreading fast

Some others who also don’t get it are the Labour Party sponsored bloggers at The Stranded. They have continued their Key Derangement Syndrome by trying to say that John Key would have supported the war in Vietnam.

This came about from a news item on NewstalkZB;

[quote]”Miss Clark, who was a young anti-Vietnam War protester at the time of the war, stands by her vehement opposition to it, but the National Party’s leader says he was too young to take a serious view. John Key says the National Government at the time determined that being involved in the war was the right thing to do.”[/quote]

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that statement, it is in fact factual, it doesn’t pass any judgement on the rights and wrongs of the Vietnam War yet the ninth floor bloggers have obviously put patsy blogger Steve Pierson up to that post to try to paint john Key as someone he isn’t all while looking back in history.

Using their logic and their total and absolute adherence to the peace line I tried to come up with any instance of war in the past that they would support. Quite apart from getting their facts wrong about the Vietnam War we won’t let that get in the way of this analysis. So let’s go back chronologically;

Malaya– The Standard would probably say that it was an internal struggle and we should never have participated in that war against the communist insurgency that threatend to enguf the entire Malayan Penisula including Singapore.

Korea– another little internal disturbance where the forces of the North were attempting to “unify” their sily democratic cousins in the South.

World War II– The Standard would argue that we should never have got involved because all that silly Adolf was trying to do was “unify” German speaking nations and it was the mad imperialism of the British egged on by the eviiiiil USA that perpetuated the war and further that if the USA had of just given the Japanese the oil that they demanded then the war in the pacific would never had happened and their invasions of all their neighbouring countries was an internal ethnic “unification” of Asians.

Let’s now go back further and examine some older battles and wars.

The Napoleonic Wars– How dare Britain turn first Portugal and then Spain into client states and then attack and defeat the soverign nation of France sending their democratically elected leader into exile not once but twice!!!

The Hundred Years War – Evil British ruler invades sovereign France and attempted to dethrone the legitimate King of France.

See where retrospective looks at history go when you encapsulate that look into 21st century mores and values of a socialist. It becomes farcical and that is what the Stranded is a farce to continue silly attacks on John Key. They haven’t learned yet and long may they persist that attacks like that don’t work anymore in fact they work the opposite of the client-blogs intention.

An impassive look at Vietnam suggests something other than eviiiiiil Yankee imperialism. Putting on socilaist blinkers and adhering to the Clarkist view of the world does not undo history nor does it indicate the future.