Know Your Weasel – Brendan Sheehan – Part 2

Vote SHEEHAN Vote LABOUR: National Party Councillor deceives Botany voters

The corpse cuddler is at it again. Shooting off at the mouth telling lies about people and failing to understand even the most basic of facts.

This time he defames Howick Councillor Jami-Lee Ross and Cr Ross gets to pour the poor wee fool back into his bottle. The whole post is just plainly embarrassing for Sheehan, who along with the Axis Members and Judith Tizard are making it increasingly easy for National Candidates to convincingly trounce their opponents.

Frankly, every time so far that Brendan Sheehan opens his mouth he gives votes to National. The residents of Howick and Botany are certainly smart enough to know a corpse cuddler when they see one.

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