Know your Weasel – Brendan Sheehan

Axis of Weasel member Brendan Sheehan is running around Auckland campaigning off the back of union subscriptions from hard working Kiwis.

He has taken to forlornly commenting on this blog, but has failed to answer direct questions that the media were afraid to ask about his so-called family.

His latest tactic though in politics in Auckland is to try and slip into National party meetings unobtrusively and then disrupt them by constantly asking stupid socialist questions about all manner of things, including his little pet project at the moment Health.

His latest escapade though turned into a farce when he attended a Health meeting on the North Shore, which incidentally is quite some way from Botany electorate.

He started being a complete c**t asking all manner of silly questions about Health without for one minute realising that all of his carping is for nought when it has been Labour, his dear Labour party that has controlled Health for nine long years. His party has not made one single positive difference in Health and arguable made matters worse, but somehow it is all National’s fault for a) being in government once nine years ago, and b) daring suggest the state of play at the moment is not working.

He continued down this silly path until someone stood up and outed the pinko corpse cuddler. He then had to ignominiously exit (some said scuttled) the room. Dickhead!!