Labour builds new classrooms

Classroom in a container – – Get the latest local, national and world news from Christchurch’s daily newspaper

It looks Labour has found a way to add heaps of new classrooms for a fraction of the price of previous “un-sustainable” classrooms.

These new classrooms are vandal proof, waterproof, modular and when rolls increase or decrease the school can relocate them.

The bizarre thing about kids being taught in containers is that if it was a National government we would have all the Labour sponsored client blogs and weasels decrying the state of education in New Zealand. The funny thing is we never saw this kind of thing either under a National Government nor with the “eeeeeeevil” Bulk Funding system.

Just rememeber folks as you queue for Bread and Milk at the soon to be nationalised supermarkets the you…comeon, smile, you know the words…sing along with me….

“You’re Better off with Labour, way better”
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