Labour likely to cost Manukau ratepayers $75k

When Su’a William Sio left the council to double dip for a short while he created a vacancy that needs to be filled.

That will be filled when a by-election will be held next month. So first up Labour created a vacancy because of their selfish need to elevate another brown face into Labours fast depleting ranks.

Now they have gone and selected Efu Koka as their candidate. So what? I hear you bellow, well Mr Koka is currently a sitting member of the Otara Community Board and would have to vacate his
Community Board seat if successful. This would force the second
by-election. Each by-election in Otara comes at a cost of $37,000, with
two by-elections costing $74,000.

Labour doesn’t care about people it cares about filling spare spaces at the trough with its own people, always at the expense of the poor suffering ratepayer.

Fuck you very much Labour.