Labour's own Hollowmen story

Today we find that Labour has it’s own “Hollowmen” story. Colin Espiner has revealed in the The Press official documents that show Labour and its cabinet in 1989 developed strategies to try and stave of the rout that became the 1990 election.

Why is this pertinent?

Well because two cabinet ministers at the time and indeed the Deputy Prime Minister were Helen Clark and? Michael Cullen.

Is it any wonder that they employ the very same tactics now in their vain attempt to try to stave off defeat.

[quote]Labour feared Winston Peters and Ruth Richardson would lead the National Party and tried to destroy the man now helping prop to up the Government, secret papers reveal.

A document headed Interim Report to Cabinet on anti-National Strategy shows the lengths to which the fourth Labour government went to cling to power before its rout at the 1990 election.

According to the confidential document, one of the main aims of its strategy was to “render a Peters-Richardson combination impossible” and to “destroy Peters”.

The paper went through the opposition front bench, targeting MPs and assigning “targets” to Cabinet ministers.[/quote]

Labour needed this little official document like it needs cancer. It will do nothing to quell the rising tensions coming between Labour and NZ First and indeed now the Greens. If you are in any doubt do some substitution with little bit of the document.

[quote]Among the targets was Mr Bolger, who was to be described as “lame duck”, “weak, boring, timid, gutless” and “not up to being PM”.

The strategies included ignoring Mr McKinnon (“Don Who?”), discrediting Miss Richardson (“inconsistent, expedient”) and dismissing Mr Peters as “arrogant, flashy, superficial, lacking in substance”.[/quote]

Very familiar attacks aren’t they? Worse for Labour though is that unlike the Hager work of fiction these documents are official government documents. I wonder how many more there are of these to come out now Colin Espiner has dropped the first one.