Last night on the tiles

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of being entertained on the town by Bridget Saunders and Rodney Hide.

We met up at Shanghai Lil’s. If you haven’t been there before imagine a Chinese Opium Den missing only the pipes or hookahs. There is however incense burning and host is legend Billy Farnell fussing over the guests. The atmosphere is spectacularly restful…I could have stayed there all night lazily drinking and enjoying conversation.

After Shanghai Lil’s we went on the the Basement for the Opening showing of “On The Conditions And Possibilities Of Helen Clark Taking Me As her Young Lover“. It is part of the NZ International Comedy Festival. Now I don’t normally “do” shows. I find them a yawn but Bridget screamed at me down the phone and sent me an email calling me a homo if I didn’t attend. Attending with Rodney was a bonus.

The play itself is an adaptation from a book of the same name by Richard Meros, who actually seems to have an alarming knowledge about Helen Clark.

Right I have been grandiloquent enough. The show was fucking outstanding and outrageous at the same time. It mercilessly mocks all sides of the political spectrum and uses a huge amount of images of the Dear Leader, some of which i think have been nicked from the Whaleoil gallery of Dear Leader. That’s fine that is why I created the gallery so we can use images that are Really truly Helen rather the faux-tograph that is the official portrait.

I don’t think they could have chosen a better actor than Arthur Meek, he played the dweeby and enthusiastic Richard Meros brilliantly. The one liners and multi liners are hilarious as was the silly woman two rows in front with the Betty Boop laugh.

Using a Powerpoint presentation as a key part of the play I have got to say t is the first PP presentation I haven’t gone to sleep in.

The play is funny, seriously funny, more than LOL funny and slightly less than ROTFLMAO funny, but funny nonetheless…Hmm perhap LMAO funny.

It is very hard to choose the best lines as there were so many, but this one sticks out.

“She is the first elected female Prime Minister of New Zealand for god’s sake she can do what she likes! Deconstructing absurd socio-sexual paradigms is meat and two veg to this woman. She has made a career out of proving people wrong. Women have no place in parliament, MMP can’t work as a system, You can’t do Waimate to Christchurch in under an hour and a half.”

It was attended by a veritable cast of stars, Rodney, Bridget, Te Radar, Michael Hurst and of course me.

I highly recommend attending and I will be going again on Friday night so if any bloggers fancy a night at the theatre, this is well worth the effort and will be $20 well spent.

Not being a arty-farty type I give this play a 9 out of 10, why not 10, well that would be perfection and there can only be one.

After that we went back to Shanghai Lil’s and Rodney bolted. I caught up with Grant Chilcott and reminisced with him and Billy about some old parties and hijinx we all got up to when I was a kid working at the Hyatt.