Lunch with Cullen fails to whet appetite

Paula Oliver: Lunch with Cullen fails to whet appetiteMaybe it was a sign that manufacturers are too stressed to go out for lunch, or perhaps it was an indication that Finance Minister Michael Cullen’s pulling power is well and truly drying up.
Whatever it was, yesterday’s traditional…
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Paula Oliver puts the boot in again about Cullen’s lacklustre performance yesterday to 30 (probably coerced) people who struggled along to listen to him whine about investment in the future like buying 18th century technology far above the odds.

As Paula said Cullen could only pull 30 people @ $75 pp to a lunch to listen to Cullen. By comparison, I’ve been told that it is a full house (260) @ $75 to a breakfast to hear John Key next Fri – the annual post -budget breakfast!

Right now having a Labour Minister speak at any function is the kiss of death. Cullen couldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding let alone a decent crowd and Clark has to go overseas to get any applause.