Mallard caught red-handed – Months ago by bloggers

Mallard caught red-handedTrevor Mallard’s van with a Labour Party logo and his contact details on it is an advertisement and is in breach of the Electoral Finance Act, he has been told.
But Annette King’s fridge magnet with a Labour Party logo and her…
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Trevor the Muss has been caught out after a complaint to the Chief Electoral Office about his silly red car…….two months after I posted about his flagrant display of illegal campaigning as did Michael Ellis who took the photos, complete with photos.

It seems that the Chief Electoral Office moves way faster than the Electoral Commission who still have several complaints from me that they are waiting on.

As Mallard has been caught and as it is Labour’s second offence I am wondering why this hasn’t been refered to the police for action? I also wonder why it seems to be only Labour that is caught breaking the law?

It is about time that this law was scrapped and it is about time that the Police acted. Labour passed the law and Labour continues to break it. Class A hypocrites.