Michael Wright is James Sleep

For those who are unaware a poster on various blogs going by the handle of Michael Wright is in fact James Sleep.

For those you who are interested he has just attacked me on Axis of Weasel member Brenden Sheehan’s blog alluding to my battle with depression.

Those who know me know that this battle has been a daily for for over 4 years. I have never hidden it, in fact always talked about it so that those out there who think it only affects sooks and poofs can know that even the hardest of us can go down.

I was going to write a rather long post about my battle with depression but will today only make these few comments.

I will eventually share more about it so that others may learn.

James Sleep however has shown what an uncaring disgusting and despicable socialist lickspittle he is by making the comments he has.

He can join Judith Tizard in the Hall of Stupid people saying Stupid things.

He is permanently banned from this blog. I’d call him a cunt but cunts are generally useful.