More on James Barnett

Yesterday I posted on the apalling behaviour of Young Labour executive member on Bebo. His site was an election advertisement and despite being warned about it had stated to people repeatedly that he would never take it down….that is until WOBH pointed it out to the world.

Young James also posted a pathetic reply full of weasel words and excuses for his use of the words “nigger”, “fuken emo’s” etc. I thought he was? protesting just a little too much so I thought I’d look a little further into this apparatchik. Somewhat unsurprisingly I found that he attended the Youth parliament and the transcripts are very revealing.

[quote]JAMES BARNETT (List): Households are not the problem. They should not be punished for the energy problems of this country, but I agree that they should cut back and be more efficient. However, no matter what, demand will rise nationwide as our population increases.
To meet our Kyoto obligations we have to think seriously about our energy supply future. Currently, emissions from the energy sector account for about 43 percent of total
emissions in the country. We must cut our emissions by 25 percent to meet our Kyoto obligations, or face the $557 million penalty. We must tear down our polluting, old,
Third World – thinking gas and coal power plants.
Now, members may think that I mean that we need to build extra hydro capacity, or wind farms. Wind farms are a great supplement to our system, but they are simply never going to be our solution. Also, do we really want all of our hills and ranges across the country covered in wind turbines? Our hydro capacity is stable. However, the capacity for extra hydro generation is running thin. We must build nuclear power. There are no emissions from nuclear power plants. They are clean, they are safe, and they use very little uranium to generate power, and there is much uranium available. Seven percent of the world already uses nuclear power. I say that we should tap into this.
If the price of gas doubles, the price of power will increase 60 percent. If, on the other hand, the price of uranium doubles, the cost of power will rise only by 5 percent.
Gas will run out. We will face extremely high prices if we continue using it. Our solution is nuclear power. Households should not be punished for the energy mistakes
of this country. This bill is not the solution; building nuclear power plants is.
Hon Member: That’s rubbish!
JAMES BARNETT: There is nothing wrong with nuclear power. It is clean, safe, and reliable. We would only need about two nuclear power plants in the country in order to cut back on our coal and gas usage. Placing one of those up near Auckland would remove the need for big transmission lines. That would stop children from being born deformed, because there would no longer be the risk of cancer from the power transmission lines running through the Waikato.

JAMES BARNETT (List): I will steer away slightly from the current topics we have been debating and talk about university and the student allowance system. My opinion is that either everybody in the country should get an allowance or nobody should. Currently, there is an income-tested threshold level under which some people can get an allowance. My parents are just over the threshold, and I cannot get a cent from the Government to help me. I think that is terrible. Either everybody should get an allowance or nobody should. The people who get an allowance get just under $150 per week, just as I will from my loan. The difference is that I have to repay every cent of what I get, but they do not have to pay a cent. I find that extremely unfair.
The other thing-and I know this because I live on a farm, but I am not a farm owner-is that there are farm owners just up the road who earn a hell of a lot more money than we do, but because they can cook their books successfully and earn a low income, their children get a full student allowance. I think that is completely unfair. It is the same for business owners. Basically, everybody should get a student allowance or nobody should.[/quote]

I wonder if Helen knows about his love for nuclear power and the only reason he gives for universal student allowances is pure selfishness, lovely but typical of socialists.