More Violent suggestions from Labour Candidate

Vote SHEEHAN Vote LABOUR: Arrest in Marie Davis case

Brenden Sheehan just keeps putting his fooy in his mouth, it must be getting crammed in there.

We now have Labour candidate who threatened people who disagree with him and now he thinks people should be hanged. There are something that bloggers can say somethings that candidates can say, candidates that blog should be very, very careful.

Excuse me for being politically incorrect but if he is found guilty they should hang the bastard.

Now whilst I may agree with the sentiment I’m not the one standing for parliament.

Then there is this comment from my blog the other night.

Funny though that the champion of free speech doesn?t seem to like people who disagree with him commenting on his blog. You are a strange man.

So what does he do tonight, blocks me from posting on his blog, despite me letting the fool post here, and then deletes the post where James Sleep aka Michael Wright makes an arse of himself. Nice one Brenden, you are climbing the ranks to make cabinet in a Labour government, now you can add hypocrite to your CV.

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